Hendrick's High Wheel

It's a genuinely effective and fascinating fitness contraption with a charming lack of convenience. Pedaling the High Wheel can improve your cardiorespiratory capabilities, tone the thighs and buttock, and strengthen whichever arm you use to reach for your water bottle. It measures 6 feet in length, 5.8 feet in height and 3.2 feet wide. Requires neither electricity nor wifi. Hendrick's bottle not included.

Whilst mulling over purchasing your very own utterly proper pedalling device, please ensure you have ample space for the Hendrick's High Wheel to fit through a hallway or entry point with the door open into your humble abode. Ground level access for delivery is preferred or a large stairwell to accommodate the height and width of the device. Did we mention it’s GINormous?

$2,493.11 / each SOLD OUT