Hendrick's Moonbathing Kit

HENDRICK'S GIN is proud to unveil HENDRICK'S LUNAR, the second limited edition release from Master Distiller Ms. Lesley Gracie’s Cabinet of Curiosities. Instilled with botanicals that flourish below the light of the moon, HENDRICK'S LUNAR GIN will be released in the States on January 28, when the first full moon of the new year occurs. To honor the momentous occasion, HENDRICK’s invites you to participate in the world’s first-ever moonbathing ritual to embrace the New Year and leave behind the old.

What is moonbathing you ask? Moonbathing is the act of basking under the moon’s glow to take in its alleged transformative healing qualities and instill calmness in oneself by appearing to relieve the imbalances of the mind and body.

For newbies to moonbathing (and let’s face it, who isn’t?), HENDRICK'S is providing a how-to video, along with a full moon video stream as part of its Streaming Service for those who prefer to moonbathe inside the comfort of their home. Additionally, we invite you to purchase this moonbathing kit, which includes all the essentials for any moonbathing experience including:

Moongoggles – To protect your eyes from the rays of the Full Moon – or any moon you find yourself beneath!
Moonscreen Lotion (rated MPF 28) – A jasmine scented lotion inspired by the same botanicals used in HENDRICK'S LUNAR, which flourish below the light of the moon.
A Real Moonstone – A symbol of ‘new beginnings’ which has been said to soothe emotional instability and provide calmness, an essential piece to a perfect moonbathing experience.
LUNAR GIN Blanket – A premium, cashmere blanket branded to keep you warm should you moonbathe outside.
Two HENDRICK'S Highball Glasses – Premium vessels to hold your HENDRICK'S LUNAR Cosmic Cooler here or other LUNAR libation.
HENDRICK'S Cocktail Spoon – To stir your LUNAR libation to perfection!

$99.28 + Shipping & Handling
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*Hendrick’s Lunar Gin not included. Visit your local store or online retailer to purchase separately